Why should I pay for SSL when it’s Free?

If you had already decided to install an SSL Certificate or just learning about them, you probably noticed that they come in different forms and prices.

There are both free and paid SSL Certificates available in marketplace and sometimes, their substantial difference in costs may seem extremely surprising for you. Then the question will also come up why should I pay for an SSL certificate? Why pay for something that is free? Are paid certificates better than free certificates?

The level of SSL encryption is the same regardless of brand s, both free and paid/ premium SSL Certificates are typically issued with 256-bit certificate encryption and 2048-bit key encryption. So why you should invest in a paid SSL Certificate? Let’s find out.

The joys of open Internet means it’s never been easier for people to create a personal website or open an online business. This is a great thing, but with the rapid rise of hacking attempts and identity theft. With each passing day, website visitors are becoming more aware of internet security, in particular, website encryption.

This growing concern among users is why Google announced their HTTPS Everywhere initiative in 2014. This adjustment resulted in “HTTPS” (SSL secured websites) receiving higher rankings in search results compared to non-secure sites with the same content.

As you can imagine, this made, SSL certification a top priority for online businesses and the web developers responsible for them.

Today, web security has become a matter of ‘No Compromise’ and SSL certificates offer a great helping hand to site owners. Although free SSL certificates may seem a great and cost-free solution, they come with certain drawbacks.

On the other side, paid SSL Certificates are more flexible and offer a wide range of benefits despite their cost, making them an excellent choice for any website. They are an ideal choice for someone who wants to secure his/her blog or even a small website. But when it comes to real business, there is not much to think about, Paid SSL certificates helps to accelerate conversion rates on websites by implanting an element of trust in the customer’s mind which ultimately escalates revenues.

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